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At Tasty's we offer creative Burgers & Chicken, Kebab, Pizza dishes delivered right to your door. Thank you for choosing Tasty's, order a takeaway online and see why our customers consider us the best!

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  • orderd 2 large kebabs and they came smaller then the small one i had in the past . dissapointed and still hungry. ps no dip


  • Chips were not salty or crispy enough and chicken was quite dry. Delivery man was nice though.


  • very very very very bad service,i am an old customer of Tasty's, more than 2 years and i am very disapointed with the services in the last months,i recived my order with no drink,no sauce ,no salt and peper ,shame on you that you dont respect and keep you old customers,i wont recomand to any one Tasty's.


  • bad services,i dont recomand it to anyone,poor quality.


  • Worse restaurant ever, I been ill for the whole day couldn't even get sleep, i order burger and wings, the burger wasn't cooked probably, and the wings wasn't fresh at all,


  • Village aisha


  • Great!


  • Was cold. Waited an hour and a half for the food. Delivery man had no change


  • Great place...


  • Sadly, the order took over 1 hour 30 minutes to arrive which was way over the original delivery estimate. I had to telephone them twice to chase it and was just told they were 'very busy' and would have to wait. As this was ordered when we got home after a night out, by the time it arrived 2 people had given up and fell asleep waiting for it, so some of the food got thrown away! It's a shame as the food that was actually eaten was really nice. Unfortunately it was just the delivery that let it down. Contacted HungryHouse afterwards who contacted the restaurant, who then tried to deny all knowledge of the order arriving so late (again, disappointing on the restaurant - just admit you failed on this). The restaurant did however offer a 10% refund as a gesture, and was better than nothing. I would only order from here again if I was assured the delivery would not take so long. My advice would be, contact them first and ask for a guaranteed delivery estimate before ordering!


  • Love this place. Excellent.


  • The worst £11 I have spent. The only items in this takeaway were items not made by the restaurant like Pepsi and Chocolate fudge cake. Complained to hungryhouse but still no outcome on refund


  • Lol it was bad ..very bad


  • Food wasn't very nice it smelt funny, Nearly 1 hour late I was staving I wouldn't order from again I'd rather cook a pizza from scratch it would be quicker


  • Been throwing up ever since I had a donner kebab. Took two hours to deliver, never again.